The tourist resort of Novigrad, situated on the west coast of Istria, stands out among the many Istrian towns by its unique natural beauties, rich cultural heritage and naturally the great hospitality of its people. This town can be proud of also having one of the cleanest seas in this part of the Mediterranean. The Novigrad Riviera stretches from Dajla to the mouth of the Mirna River and is characterized by an indented, low and accessible coast with rocky and pebbly beaches. Situated along the coast are Novigrad’s hotels with well-equipped sports grounds and various catering facilities.

The historic core of the town of Novigrad lies on a promontory that was once an island which was connected with the mainland in the 18th century. The well-preserved town walls are one of the most attractive symbols of this tourist resort. Many different rulers and cultures – from Byzantine, Frankish, German, Venetian, French, and Austro-Hungarian to Italian – have left clear traces in architecture.

Novigrad has a very long tourist tradition, as early as 1845 it had its first guidebook. The town is famous for top-quality olive oil, several great restaurants and taverns. At the end of July the traditional blues festival is held with performers from all over the world. A sight worth visiting is the Parish Church of SS. Mary, Maximus and Pelagia, who is also the patron saint of the town. In nearby Dajla there is an impressive country house built on an estate whose history dates back to the Roman period.

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